Large and Mature Tree Transplanting
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Tree transplanting and transportation requires precision to ensure the survival of the tree. When it comes to mature tree transplanting in Colorado, there are many considerations. Colorado at high elevation with many types of soil. There are also extreme weather changes between the seasons. One must take the utmost care to ensure that the tree continues to thrive after the transplant.

With decades of experience transplanting pine trees in Colorado, GESCO Nursery are the leading experts on the subject. GESCO’s trees have been grown from seedlings right here in Colorado. They are already well acclimated to the elevation and harsh weather that they face. Transplanting large evergreen trees requires great care. The last thing we want is to lose a tree that we have grown for over 30 years due to transplant shock.

GESCO’s methods embody best practices for mature tree transplanting and are carried out by experienced tree transplanting veterans. We operate large tree spades that surround the tree, encapsulating the root balls along with the surrounding soil. Then we hoist the tree out of the ground and directly onto our pod trailer for transportation.

Upon arrival, we place the tree into its new location, without it ever leaving the soil it calls home. We apply water to pack the soil into the root ball and remove any air pockets. We also provide instructions for your landscaper to properly care for the tree. To give you confidence, for trees that are irrigated with a drip system receiving our recommended watering amount, we guarantee the survival of the tree for one year from the transplant date.

To review, there are three things that set GESCO apart as Colorado’s experts at transplanting pine trees and blue spruce trees:

  • Our climate-acclimated mature trees have been grown right here in Colorado.
  • We have decades of experience using top-of-the-line tree spades to transplant mature trees.
  • We guarantee our trees for one year from the day of transplant (if they are properly irrigated with a drip system).

Are you looking for mature tree transplanting in Colorado? Pick the tree you want from our nursery and let our team handle the rest. Call now to learn more about our trees.