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GESCO Nursery is one of the largest tree farms in Colorado with over 7000 Colorado grown trees for sale.  We are experts at tree transplanting.  Our trees thrive in the Rocky Mountain region because they were grown locally and do not have to adapt to climate, altitude or weather conditions.

Gesco Nursery has over 15 miles of underground water lines and emitters. All of our trees are sprayed and fertilized annually, ensuring proper growth and stamina to ward off disease and insects. The nursery is inspected and certified annually by the Colorado Agriculture Department.

GESCO Nursery specializes in growing and transplanting mature trees such as Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Austrian Pine, Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Pinyon Pine. All of our large pine trees for sale are natively grown in Colorado making them adapted to the elevation and climate. We are one of the largest tree farms in Colorado with over 7,000 mature trees for sale. We proudly serve all regions between Denver and Colorado Springs.