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Fire Mitigation
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Having GESCO mitigate a property will increase its value. Fire mitigated properties stand out from the competition, look cleaner, and have better views. Whether you are building a new home, putting the finishing touches on your dream cabin, or just want your lot cleaned up, GESCO can help you achieve your goal. We provide fire mitigation, lot cleaning, and on-site chipping services.

What is fire mitigation?

The vegetation surrounding a building or structure is fuel for a fire. Even the building or structure itself is considered fuel. Research and experience have shown that fuel reduction around a building or structure increases the probability of it surviving a wildfire. Good defensible space allows firefighters to protect and save structures safely without facing unacceptable risk to their lives. Fuel reduction through vegetation management is the key to good Fire Mitigation.

Creating Defensible Space

Creation of defensible space through vegetation management means reducing the amount of fuel around the structure, providing separation between fuels so it makes it difficult for fire to transfer from one fuel source to another. It does not mean cutting down all trees and shrubs, or creating a bare ring of earth across your property. Defensible space can be created by removing dead vegetation, separating fuels, and pruning the lower limbs (ladder fuels).

Lot Cleaning

Many mountain lots have debris spread throughout including, dead and down trees, limbs, brush, needles, etc... Another problem is diseased trees, and by removing them, the rest of the vegetation will grow stronger and healthier. We offer services to remove debris and diseased trees in order make your landscape healthier. It will also be safer and more enjoyable for you, your kids, and your pets.

Chipping Services

Chipping is one of the ways we can dispose of debris or excess fuel on your property because it is an effective way to break down material that is smaller (12” or less) and of limited quantity. These chips will decompose relatively quickly, and they also have a very low fire hazard rating (they tend to smolder rather than burn). They will also serve as a ground cover to prevent erosion and aid in plant development. Chips have a pleasant appearance, and provide a way to move throughout the area.


Goals of Fire Mitigation

- To improve the safety of your family in the chance that a forest fire should impede onto your property.

- To give your home a chance to survive a forest fire on its own.

- To improve the health of your lot and surrounding forest to help facilitate a disease free environment.

- To increase the value, look cleaner and have better views.


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