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Mature Ponderosa Pine Trees in Colorado

The Ponderosa Pine is a very large pine tree with a straight trunk and an irregular cylindrical cone shape. Native to the mountainous regions of the North American West, Ponderosa Pines in Colorado are a robust native species that is well loved by both the landscape and the people of Colorado. 

Ponderosa Pine trees typically feature firm green to yellowish-green needles that range from 5” - 7” in length, and start with a pyramidal shape that turns into an irregular cylinder near the top. Mature Ponderosa Pine trees reach 60’-100’ in height, with a spread of 25’ - 30’, making them an exceptionally impressive tree that will be enjoyed for generations when planted in the proper place. 

Ponderosa Pines grow in Hardiness Zones 3 - 7 at a rate of 13”-24” annually, and acclimate very well in a variety of soil types at both high and low elevations. When well established, Ponderosa Pines are exceptionally drought resistant, though they can become intolerant to overly wet or poorly-drained sites. The Ponderosa tap root grows deep and is able to handle high winds, a common challenge for trees growing on the front range.

Ponderosa Pine for Sale in Colorado

Ponderosa Pine trees in Colorado at GESCO NurseryAs the leader in natively-grown mature trees in Colorado, GESCO Nursery has been growing Ponderosa Pine trees in Colorado for over three decades. Our mature Ponderosa Pine trees range from 10’ - 35’ in height, and with plenty of trees to choose from you will find the perfect tree for your property. Need help deciding? Our team consists of expert growers with years of experience who love to help you find the tree of your dreams that will make your property stand out in our beautiful Colorado landscape.

Ponderosa Pine Transplanting You Can Trust

In addition to growing native Ponderosa Pine in Colorado, at GESCO Nursery we are experts in mature tree transplanting, and we use state-of-the-art tree spades to ensure that the root ball is the proper size and prepared to succeed in its new home. When installed with a proper drip system, our trees are guaranteed from one year of planting date to ensure peace of mind while your Ponderosa Pine becomes established. 

Contact GESCO Nursery today to find the Ponderosa Pine tree of your dreams!

Ponderosa Pine Trees for Landscapers

GESCO Nursery offers premium mature tree wholesale options for reputable landscaping companies and commercial property managers. Are you looking to source the best natively-grown trees in Colorado? Contact us to learn more.

GESCO Nursery specializes in growing and transplanting mature trees such as Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Austrian Pine, Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Pinyon Pine. All of our large pine trees for sale are natively grown in Colorado making them adapted to the elevation and climate. We are one of the largest tree farms in Colorado with over 7,000 mature trees for sale. We proudly serve all regions between Denver and Colorado Springs.