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GESCO Nursery is the best place to buy mature trees in Colorado. Why? We are the only nursery with mature Colorado trees for sale.

Mature Colorado Trees

We have trees ranging from 10’ to 35’ in height. It is difficult to source reliable mature trees in Colorado because many trees that are grown in other climates do not perform well when being transplanted to Colorado, which has harsh and frequently changing weather and may have a different soil composition. Our trees are already adapted to the climate.

Why Buy Mature Trees from GESCO?

With decades of experience, GESCO Nursery specializes in growing trees to maturity in Colorado. We utilize a state-of-the-art, custom drip irrigation system to provide well-nourished trees while conserving water to protect the environment. At GESCO, we believe that our world is worth preserving, and it is made more beautiful with more Colorado trees.

We are also experts in mature tree transplanting. We utilize commercial-grade tree spades to ensure that the root ball is the proper size, and completely tie all of the branches down to protect them during transport. They are dug and planted with water, fertilized with Microryza and 20-20-20, and sealed in place. All trees are staked, and we provide tree maintenance recommendations. Trees are dug out and replanted within 24 hours. If installed with proper drip irrigation, our trees are guaranteed for survival for one year from the transplant date.

Trees That Grow Well in Colorado

GESCO specializes in mature Colorado trees that grow well in the climate here. Our selection includes:

Blue Spruce Ponderosa Pine Austrian Pine Scotch Pine White Pine Pinion Pine

Buying mature trees in Colorado is easy. Contact GESCO Nursery today to pick the perfect trees that will bring a beautiful piece of the Colorado landscape to your property.

Are you a reputable landscaping provider looking to source mature Colorado trees? Talk to us about tree reselling opportunities!

GESCO Nursery specializes in growing and transplanting mature trees such as Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Austrian Pine, Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Pinyon Pine. All of our large pine trees for sale are natively grown in Colorado making them adapted to the elevation and climate. We are one of the largest tree farms in Colorado with over 7,000 mature trees for sale. We proudly serve all regions between Denver and Colorado Springs.